The Zephyranthes


Thank you for your interest in submitting to The Zephyranthes.
However, we are not accepting submissions at this time.


The Zephyranthes asks for strong, polished, original works of literary or artistic merit by emerging American writers and artists. Our journal seeks to provide a venue for individuals who are at the beginning of their publishing careers.

We encourage multi-media submissions. Submissions will showcase this in our journal by allowing viewers to look at the selected work by itself, in the context of works of like genre, and in the context of the author and their multiple submissions.

All works must be the writer/artists’ original creations, and can not be previously published. We do not accept simultaneous submissions. We also ask that you please keep submissions tasteful. We require that artists submit a statement along with their works that describes the medium, accredits all individuals involved, and pleadges that all work is original and unpublished.

Only online submissions will be accepted. Please email your works as attatched documents to


* Poetry
* Audio Art (to include: music, spoken word)
* Short Fiction
* Still Visual Art (to include: photography, studio art, digital art)

Our License To Publish:

  1. By including one’s name at the end of this document, the author is agreeing to allow “The Zephyranthes” to publish their work for the existence of the online journal. “The Zephyranthes” gains license to publish and display this piece in their online literary journal.
  2. Ownership of copyright remains with the Authors, and provided that, when reproducing their piece, or extracts from it, the Author reference publication in the Journal. The Author retains the following non-exclusive rights.
    1. To reproduce the Contribution in whole or in part in any printed volume (book or otherwise) of which they are the author(s).
    2. They and any academic institution where they work at the time may reproduce the Contribution for the purpose of course teaching.
    3. To post a copy of the Contribution as accepted for publication on the Authors own web site or institutional repository, or the Author’s funding body’s designated archive, provided that they also give a hyperlink from the Contribution to the Journal’s website.
    4. To reuse figures or elements created by them and contained in the Contribution in other works created by them.
  3. The Author warrants and represents that:
    1. The Author is the sole author and owner of the copyright in the Material. If the material includes materials of others, the Authors have obtained the permission of the owners of the copyright in all such materials to enable them to grant the rights contained herein. Copies of all such permissions should be attached to this license, if applicable.
    2. The Author who agrees to this Agreement has full right, power and authority to into this Agreement on behalf of all of the Authors, if there were additional authors.
    3. Nothing in the Material is obscene, defamatory, libelous, violates any right of privacy, or infringes any intellectual property rights (including without limitation copyright, patent or trademark) or any other human, personal or other rights of any kind of person or entity or is otherwise unlawful.