The Zephyranthes

About Us


The star-shaped, six-pedaled flower native to America.
Named after the western wind,the Zephyranthes is
sometimes called “Fairy-Lily” or “Rain Lily.”


Mission Statement:

The Zephyranthes seeks to provide a multi-media venue for emerging American writers and artists. These works must be strong and polished and reflect literary or artistic merit.


The Journal:

The Zephyranthes was built by five students at the University of Mary Washington under the academic supervision of Prof. Claudia Emerson as part of her course on the literary journal. It seeks excellence in the promotion and display of strong, polished, original works by emerging American writers and artists. For this reason, the journal is published exclusively online in order to provide the creative minds of a changing world the freedom and versatility to express within the bounds of their imaginations, unhindered by many limitations of the printed page. Like its namesake and like the culture it hopes to reflect upon, The Zephyranthes appears divided at its periphery but unites in forming a single vision of collectively extraordinary wonder from many diverse sources. Each work will demonstrate a unique creative talent through which the journal hopes to demonstrate a microcosm of emerging American art today.


Letter from the Editors:

Dear Guests,  

Welcome to The Zephyranthes! We hope that you enjoy perusing the many different genres of work highlighted here. Feel free to linger and soak in all that you see and read and hear. Our vision was to create a haven for emerging writers and artists to push the limits of their own creative spirit. This endeavor would not have been possible, however, without the faithful assistance and guidance of our many partners. Professor and Pulizer Prize Winner, Claudia Emerson encouraged us along the way, and gave us the support and teaching necessary to succeed. We also send a warm thank you to Jim Groom and Martha Burtis who provided us with the technical support and know-how to make our conceptual ideas a reality. And lastly, a thank you to our submittors, without you our journal would be nothing. We hope that you enjoy the fruit of this collaborative project and share it with your friends!
~The Zephyranthes 

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